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Day 1 - Ribs Aren't Vegan

Alright, our experiment has officially started today. Although it has been a whole 10 hours since we woke up, it seems like this will definitely be doable.

Breakfast was decent enough, with a squash-soysage scramble with vegan cheese and salsa. Lunch was a picnic with Katie's work, so there was plenty of grilled veggies, salad, and even tofu steaks.

Not too bad. I'm not even cruelly wasting away into a starving pile of bones yet!

A big setback was the realization that refined sugar is usually not vegan. When sugar is refined, it goes through activated charcoal. That charcoal (for whatever reason) is made from bones. So if it's refined, odds are good it's not vegan.

Sriracha Hot Sauce has the dangerously-vague "sugar" in the ingredients. So does a TON of other stuff. That's why you have to look out!


Dinner is looking promising though. We are thinking of going to Proper Eats, a vegan bakery/cafe/grocery in St. Johns.

Food I'm missing currently:



Kiley said...

So where do we draw the line on the processes used to make food? For instance a lot of tap water is filtered using animal bone charcoal, so can we only drink what kind of water? Or since animal fat is used in the production of steel and most rubber (tires) can we drive a car or ride a bike? What about the trucks that deliver the food... the trucks are made of steel and rubber... AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I'm sticking to the obvious animal ingredients for now :-). Sriracha was delicious in my brown rice and veggie stir fry!

Although... I did accidentally have an andes mind at lunch the other day. I put in my mouth and then remembered the whole "milk chocolate" part of the mint and was like "ah, damn it!"


Katie said...

Yeah, the whole tap water/rubber thing is beyond our control. If it's OBVIOUSLY not Vegan, such as an "Andes Candy", probably shouldnt eat it. If your purchasing a new tire and it clearly states that animal products are in it, opt for the non animal product one.

We are not selling our car, although its mostly plastic, im not throwing away my expensive leather purse - Im just not using it until I decide the right thing to do with it.

Im sure we will make mistakes. Im adding you to the followers list Kiley!

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