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Day 30 - Don't Worry Mama

Women are known for two things - loving and worrying about their young'n. Grandmas, Aunts, Moms, Sisters - this one is for you.

Do Vegans get enough protein? Let's look at the protein in the standard American diet vs. a vegan diet. I've included images of the portion sizes to illustrate the point. (I used free portion control website for the images called Figwee check it out!)

Can a vegan diet be too low in protein? Yes, it is possible if the diet is built around soda, chips, and candy. Protein comes from veggies!

Do Vegans get enough calcium? If they focus their diet around the correct foods, they should have no problem getting enough calcium.

Animal Sources
1/2 Cup Milk - 120 grams calcium
3/4 oz Cheese - 152 grams calcium

Vegetable Sources
1/2 Cup Calcium Fortified Soy Milk - 150 grams calcium
1/2 Cup Broccoli - 71 grams calcium
1 Cup White Beans - 220 grams calcium
1/2 Cup Sweet Potatoes - 164 grams calcium

Many soy products such as soy milk are calcium fortified which provides many more sources of calcium. An interesting fact is that consuming meat actually hinders the absorption of calcium because of the protein's acidity. This means that Vegans actually need less calcium in their diet.

Is it safe to be Vegan? Yes, its very safe, but it takes planning to eat a well-balanced diet. The thing is, you can eat bad food as a vegan, omnivore, or whatever it is that you call yourself. The only difference is that if you eat meat, you are eating beef, pork, cheese, and other high-calorie, low-nutrient foods. You will still be undernourished, you're just overfed. Unless you plan out a healthy lifestyle and choose GOOD foods to eat, you'll be lacking in nutrients regardless of whether you eat animal products or not.

The most important part of any diet is making sure you get nutrients. Being vegan doesn't make you automatically healthy, everyone needs to eat fewer chips, drink less soda, and get more exercise.

It's all about what you DO eat, not just what you don't eat.

-Katie & Brendan


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