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Day 2 - Still Going Strong!

Alright, so two days vegan isn't exactly a huge accomplishment, but anything over one is a streak, right?

After an awesome dinner last night, we woke up today ready to hit the ground running. I'm still under the control of caffeine, so I had to resort to a little espresso. It is vegan, but it's never good to be under the influence and control of a drug. I'm going to get off it and find other ways to stay awake while driving. My dad brushes his teeth when he's tried in the car, which looks weird but definitely wards off the tooth decay!

Today ended up being a productive, if not lucrative, day. We had a yard sale, trying to cut back on the many things we have acquired and won't need when we move. We managed to get rid of a TV, an old iPod and... well, it's a start!

Meals were pretty casual, since we were both busy and didn't plan out anything solid. Katie had some vegan waffles for breakfast and I made my ultra-smoothie (recipe coming soon). Lunch was Gardenburger wraps and Katie made an awesome tempeh peanut pasta for dinner. I heated it up after my indoor soccer double-header and it pretty much rocked.

Katie has spent the evening making homemade hummus and some veggie patties for the week. She's in the kitchen right now, using the veggie chopper we got for our wedding. It kinda sounds like she's breaking things... maybe I should check on her.

If you are in the Portland area and want the simplicity of a fully-vegan grocery, Food Fight is definitely worth checking out. We will head down there soon and write up a review, but feel free to check the place out and send us your thoughts!

Vegan Haggis? I don't know about that...

Be Healthy,


Michael McManus said...

I seriously love this blog. Although I don't think I could do the Vegan lifestyle, I'm entertaining the idea of trying the life of a vegetarian. We'll see!

suzy vitello soulé said...

You go, guys! We've got all the zucchini you could possibly want to help you out with this! :)

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful that you guys have taken this on and are doing it seriously. I have decided to give up diet cola, hot dogs, burgers, bacon, jello and pepperoni. I will also buy no more bottled water this month and i will compost all the scraps into the worm bin without complaining.

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