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Day 14 - Ingredients Exposed!

Many restaurants do not post their ingredients on their menus, most likely because the patrons are better off not knowing what goes into their meal. With making the change to Vegan we have to be very selective when ordering off of a menu and if the ingredients aren't there, its probably not going in our mouth.

Like we've said before, we are so fortunate to live in Portland and have so many Vegan friendly eateries. Friday night we visited Old Wives' Tales on East Burnside. I enjoyed an Indian veggie/curry/yam/sesame dish that hit the spot. Brendan went with a Veggie burrito and bean soup. The best part? They list all of the ingredients on their menu. There are a lot of Vegan options here, all clearly labeled as vegan or simply listing the ingredients - you cant screw up. Even the salad/ soup bar had vegan labels next to the soup and bread, such a help! We ended the meal with a huge snicker doodle. Dang you sweet vegan treats, you keep wining me over!

The more restaurants are willing to share their ingredients, the more tools I have to select a vegan meal, or possibly modify something to become vegan. I don't want to cut certain restaurants out of my options, but if they aren't honest I cant be honest to myself .



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