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Day 8 - A tearful day

Weddings are beautiful events full of emotion and most likely a few tears. Most tears are joyful expressions of the powerful love between two people. For us, we were choking up over cheese and meat covered entrees.

What do you do when there is only ONE vegan choice offered in the meal? You plan ahead. We knew this would be the situation, we knew we would be stuck watching everyone enjoy there buttery salmon and cheesy pasta salad. We knew it would happen, but it still seemed unfair. This wedding was in Corvallis, another Vegan friendly city in Oregon. Before the event we went to Nearly Normal's for a late lunch. We chowed down on veggie burritos and burgers - yum yum. At the wedding we were able to eat spinach salad with coconut and strawberries, it was tasty but not quite filling. By the time the wedding was over I was ravished! Before heading over to the "afterparty" we picked up hummus, pita, pretzels, and other snacks to quickly fill the void in our bellies before alcohol accidentally took its place. Maybe it wasn't the most balanced meal, but it did fill the need before we made bad decisions.

We thought we would be safe bringing our own food/drinks to the party, but I messed up. While chatting to friends a I grabbed a couple of honey roasted peanuts and popped them in my mouth. Did you hear that?! HONEY Roasted Peanuts - it says it right there in its name! It was a mistake, a tasty-tasty mistake. This is my first slip up in 8 days - I will forgive myself.



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