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Day 20 - Try Vegan Week Potluck

In celebration of Portland's Try Vegan Week we attended a Vegan potluck in Laurelhurst park Thursday night. About thirty people showed up, which meant thirty different vegan dishes to try! I might have tried them all...

The intent of the event was to educate people about becoming vegan, but from the looks of it most of the attendees were not first timers. There were beautiful dishes of bright colored veggies, lentils, mashed potatoes, tabouli, and lots of pasta. As a new vegan I hadn't seen most of these dishes before and I almost needed a guide to figure out what I was eating! Whatever it was that I ate, it was all pretty tasty. To top it off I had a DELICIOUS vegan cupcake made by my coworker, a part-time Vegan and awesome cupcake maker.

I also picked up some free vegan info and purchased a book on vegan friendly places in Portland. We plan on hitting up a restaurant that we found in the guide, Brendan's craving a Vegan Reuben?! The potluck was a pretty good experience but the one thing missing from the event was a BBQ... that's a strange thought.



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