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Day 10 - Try Vegan Week

Did you know... Next week is Try Vegan Week in Portland. I had no idea! Could there be better timing?

There will be a ton of Vegan educational events going on in Portland. Brendan and I will be sure to hit up a few, why don't you do the same? Or better yet - join us!

August 15-22: Try Vegan Week 2009

  • Saturday, August 15th

11 am- Bike rally (Vegan Mini Mall- Se 12th and Stark)

1pm- Mentor meet up (People’s Co-Op: 3029 SE 21st Ave)

2pm- Why Veganism? Veganize your habits. (People’s Co-Op: 3029 SE 21st Ave.)

5pm- Vegan BBQinq 101- you= sides, we’ll provide the rest (Powell Park: SE 26th Ave & Powell Blvd)

7pm- Peaceable Kingdom (People’s Co-Op: 3029 SE 21st)

  • Sunday, August 16th

10am- Brunch from 10-noon (Vita Cafe: 3024 NE Alberta St)

1pm- Veganize your kitchen (IDA house:1732 NE Alberta St)

2pm- Vegan Fitness (IDA house: 1732 NE Alberta St)

5pm- Disease Prevention (Whole Foods Fremont- 3535 NE 15th Ave)

7pm- Fish and Seafood talk (Whole Foods Fremont: 3535 NE 15th Ave)

  • Monday, August 17th

6pm- Cookbook Tour (Herbivore: 1211 SE Stark St)

7pm- Waste of Dairy (Hungry Tiger Too: 207 SE 12th Ave)

8pm- Cooking without dairy (Hungry Tiger Too: 207 SE 12th Ave)

  • Tuesday, August 18th

7pm- Raw Foods (People’s Co-Op: 3029 SE 21st)

8pm- Greens Class (People’s: 3029 SE 21st)

  • Wednesday, August 19th

6pm-6:45- Factory Farms and humane meat (Central Library, US Bank room: 801 S.W. 10th Avenue)

7pm-7:45- The Environment (Central Library, US Bank room: 801 S.W. 10th Avenue)

  • Thursday, August 20th

8pm- Potluck and Trivia Night (Laurelhurst Park: SE 39th Ave & Stark St)

  • Friday, August 21st

7pm- The truth about eggs (Buckman Park: NE 12th Ave & Everett St)

9pm- Bar crawl and late night food cart visit (Start at Ron Tom’s: 600 East Burnside)

  • Saturday, August 22nd

1pm- Vegan Ice Cream Potluck (Colonel Sumners Park: SE 17th and SE Taylor)

9pm- End of week celebration (Report Lounge: 1101 E Burnside St)


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