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Day 4 - All Downhill Now

Alright, four days down, 26 to go in our little experiment. So far we've killed lots of zucchini, butchered the heck out of garbanzo beans, and the soy?

Poor stuff never had a chance.

So maybe it's not as exciting as hunting wild boar with throwing knives, but it's still been an interesting few days. We have learned a ton about plant-based diets and have hopefully helped others learn a little too. I'm really excited for the next couple weeks and seeing how we can make it work.

Big lifestyle changes often bring a lot of curiosity from people, which is one reason we are blogging our experiment. I'm also hoping to dispell some rumors about veganism. One major rumor being that vegans are weak, sickly little people who are desperately malnourished.

Yes, it is possible to starve yourself by using veganism. Yes, it's possible to eat unhealthy and deprive yourself of important nutrients.

HOWEVER, it is also possible to be a hugely successful runner, NBA player and professional MMA fighter.

Who am I talking about? Well, the runner is Scott Jurek.

He's pretty much the best at what he does, which is running really really far. The picture above is him running (and later winning) a 135 mile race through Death Valley in the summer. I can't think of a good gas-mileage pun with meat, so let's just say he doesn't need it to be awesome.

The NBA player is Salim Stoudamire.

Cousin to our beloved (sorta) Damon and Oregon native, this guy is pretty much anything but weak and frail.

Finally, we come to the MMA fighter, none other than Mac Danzig. He's the one on top.

All I can say is that I'm not making him eat anything he doesn't want to.

So there you go, a regular vegan-mythbusters. Now you have a couple names to drop when you are mentioning vegans. These guys show that vegans can run, jump, and beat others unconscious with the very best.

Be Healthy,


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