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Day 3 - feel-AWFUL!falafel!

That's how I'm feeling right now!

Brendan made a nom worthy dinner tonight, at least that's what I initially thought. We had brown rice, veggies from the garden (some from new seasons too:-), and falafel. This was the first time I had ever tried falafel, and I liked it so much I had a second serving! We also sipped sweet-sweet plum wine from my sushi party months ago.

About an hour and half later we headed out for our run - my big run for the week, a whole 4 miles! Not even halfway in I realized that all of that falafel made me feel rather awful. So there you go. feel-AWFUL!falafel! And the more I thought about all of that falafel I ate, the worse I felt. My pace slowed to a walk, which we continued all the way back home. Maybe I got a little greedy with my portion of falafel, or maybe it was the plum wine?

Much like alcohol, when consumed in moderation I give falafel a big thumbs up! And if you indulge a little too much? You come up with stupid phrases while running.



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