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Day 13 - Please cater to our every need

We are so fortunate to have such supportive family. We attended two family dinners this week, both on Brendan's side, and both meals were Vegan friendly on our account! Are we spoiled or what?!

The first meal was dinner with Brendan's Mom and step dad. We typically take turns bringing Papa Murphy's pizza to these gatherings, but that would have been a difficult choice with the pounds of cheese they sprinkle on top. In preparation we had even picked out one of Amy's Roasted Vegetable pizzas to bring along, but this wasn't needed. (Don't worry, we ate the pizza over the weekend, highly recommend it if you can afford the calories ). Mom took great care of us serving us brown rice, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit, and veggie burgers I had never tried before - I need to figure out the brand.

Brendan and I brought along chocolate mousse. Did it set up? - not really. Did it taste great - you bet! The mousse was a five minute recipe containing silkin tofu, a food processor, and vegan chocolate syrup. Pulse a few times, place in the fridge for an hour - and tada!I swear to you, it tastes nothing like tofu. As for ours not setting up, Brendan had a little too much fun with the food processor and created somewhat of a soup.

Our other surprise Vegan meal this week was a bounty of delicious Greek food. Brendan's dad, step mom, aunt and uncle made a huge meal of Falafel, pita, hummus, baba ganoush, soup, cucumbers... I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Plus we got a little lesson on frying up Falafel - Don't use olive oil, its not good for frying at high temperatures. Do use grape seed oil.

Our contribution to the meal was Vegan Brownies, salad rolls, and Grand Central Bakery Potato bread. We were way off target with the theme of the meal, but we made what came easy to us. The brownies we made used applesauce as an egg/milk replacement. They came out a little more cake like than I had hoped, next time we will add more applesauce and dark chocolate for a fudgey treat like Ive been craving.

Thank you loving family for filling our bellies!



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