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We challenge you! One month - one healthy change


We challenge our friends/family/coworkers/blogreaders - whoever you are we challenge you! As we immerse ourselves in the Vegan lifestyle for one month, we would like to see others make one change to their diet for the better.

It can be as big or as small of a change as you would like. Eat out less, add less salt, put down the diet soda, get more fiber, journal your meals, eat more fresh veggies, take a lunch from home... we all have areas we can improve.

However small the adjustment might be you will start thinking about the other things you put into your body. Its a chain reaction - and a good one! You never know, you might just find yourself blogging about your healthier diet.

If you decide to take our challenge we want to help keep you accountable. Comment with your healthy change description and we will add you to a list. Hope to see some comments!

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Jacqueline Dion said...

I'm loving your blog! I can't believe you started already! congrats! I'm not committing to 30 days of veganism, but I will commit to not eating out/take out for 30 days (this will be good for my budget as well).:-) Keep up the good work, I will get my mom to be a "follower" for you. :-)

LUKIN said...

OOh This sounds like a fun challenge!
...I'll give up carbonated softdrinks!

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