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Day 22 - Moving Day!


This weekend we uprooted our lives and moved across town to a new place we call home. We are now living in a 650sf studio "loft" in downtown. The good news - I have the privileged of walking to work every morning! The even better news, I have a full hour of free time in the morning after Brendan heads out for work. The best news of all? We are seconds away from a Safeway and walking distance from a New Seasons.

The bad news... we probably should have moved to Alberta if we really wanted to indulge in the vegan lifestyle. This weekend we had the privilege of enjoying Vita Cafe and Pie Footwear. If you're looking for vegan nachos or mac n' cheese - Vita Cafe is the place to go! Need super cute Vegan shoes? - head over to Pie Footwear.

Although we hate moving as much as the next person, the Arts District might just be our next stop when our lease is up. There are so many great places in Portland to live we've got hit them all before we settle down!

Back to food... Food is important to us, if we don't have it we get cranky. Even in the craziness of moving we did a grocery run - Who needs pizza while moving when you can have instant curry from a pouch!? If we've learned anything from this experience its to always be prepared! If you don't have healthy food at your side in times of stress you will definitely cave for that double cheese pizza. Prepare yourselves!



jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Reading you blog has become my favorite thing about today!

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