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Day 17 - The good and the bad

I always enjoyed donating blood, I feel like I'm doing a good thing - plus saving up to three lives! Ive only been turned away twice in the last 8 years or so. The first time was due to a low iron count, but since then my Iron levels have been fine.

When I went to donate last night I was concerned about meeting the mark on Iron. Ive only been vegan for two weeks and maybe I not sufficiently nourishing my body. I was wrong, my iron count was stellar - yay for me! So after I received the good news of my high iron count, I received the bad - I might have Malaria. Malaria?!

Apparently I was in a "malaria breeding ground" less than a year ago, and they cant take the risk of using my blood. This risky trip I took was to Mexico, Chitzen Itza to be exact. I did have an unpleasant case of heatstroke while touring the ruins, but I'm pretty dang sure I would have contracted Malaria by now.

Silly people at the Red Cross..... thanks for the free iron count!



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