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Day 6 - Playing Catchup


Comcast stole my internet Thursday night. I called up to cancel my cable, but they disconnected my lifeline as well! After four days of no blogging I rode my bike to starbucks in desperation to borrow their connection for a bit. I'm promised that I will be reconnected next saturday morning... this will be a rough week.

Let's start with last thursday nights events. We went a first thrusday event held by Fit Right Northwest. It's a running scavanger hunt where you pick up raffle tickets at different locations, the more tickets the better chance to win an awesome prize! Brendan volunteered at the event, I ran the run and worked up a nice sweat, but no prizes this time. The run was finished with a free IPA from our hometowns own Captured by Porches. I have to say the stuff wasnt half bad, possibly because I had just ran four miles and was dying for liquids.

We knew we'd be eating dinner late so we had to do a little research for find a place open until 10pm. We went to Laughing Planet which serves lots of yummy Vegan food. I went for the Thai-Me-Up burrito, followed with a big fat double chocolate cookie. Let's just say I deserved it after that run. Much of our success so far has been contributed to planning ahead! We eat a filling breakfast every morning, bring our lunches to work everyday, and if we wont be in the safety of our kitchen for dinner we make a plan!



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