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Day 12 - Garden Greens Galore

With everyone's gardens in full bloom, including our own tiny plot, we've been overloaded with fresh veggies. We've made a couple of noteworthy meals this week.If the photos dont look appetizing, just go with it, we swear to you it was!

Brendan made a delicious curry creation using home grown potatoes, carrots, zucchini, store bought red peppers and asparagus, spiced up with a little curry paste and light coconut milk. He let this simmer for a bit and then spooned it over basmati rice. It was quick, full of great veggies, and had that satisfying creamy texture that is hard to achieve when you cut out dairy. Many flat breads or vegan, so we enjoyed this meal with pita alongside.

Fajitas is our old fall back meal, and we love it! We've made a few modifications to our typical fajita night (no cheese, chicken), and added garden picked zucchini, green beans, and the store bought filler was red peppers and onions. This was spooned onto a bed of black beans on a flax seed tortilla (we'd do whole wheat tortillas next time), and a little guacamole on top.

I have to admit that looking at this photo makes me wonder where the shrimp are? Are they hiding under that big spoonful of guacamole? Dear bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer, you might be waiting there for quite sometime.



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