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Day 21 - Eating in the real world

Friday afternoon my mom, my sister, my sisters soon-to-be mother-in-law, and I hit the road for a girls weekend in Seattle. I knew this trip would be a test of my willpower and Vegan ethics, I was right.

We started with a pit stop at a mini mart for drinks. My sister came out sweetened ice tea(refined sugar), gardetos (more refined sugar), and worst of all... a big beef stick. Sister can be so mean sometimes! But I guess it was better than a 1/3 pounder.

I tried to do a little research on Vegan restaurants before I left for Seattle, but I really couldn't find many options that would please both parties. I settled for ethnic food where I knew I could find more options. We had dinner that night at a Thai place where I ordered cashew nut tofu. The other members of my party were very considerate and opted for half tofu lettuce wraps as appetizers. As luck would have it when they brought out my order it turned out to be the cashew nut CHICKEN. I quickly returned this to the kitchen. If it was cheese I could probably have picked it off, but chicken?!

The next morning our hotel offered a continental breakfast. I knew I would be in trouble so I brought along my own cereal. I ate a little of the fruit the offered and a bowl full of dry cereal - soy milk would have been a little too perishable for the trip. I thought I might be tempted by the breakfast spread but it really was not an issue. The french toast and sausages looked like it had been delivered fresh from McDonalds - gross!

The trip was a great little break, but luckily not a break from the Vegan diet. Yay for vacation!



mollyjade said...

Look for shelf-stable individual boxes of soymilk for your next road trip. They're a bit expensive and a waste of packaging for everyday use, but since they don't need to be refrigerated, they're perfect for vacations.

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